Choose Focus On for you Passport and Visa images: We offer Quality, Convenience and Peace of Mind

Please call 317-522-0366 or email to setup an appointment. Same day appointments may be available.
$40 Canada / $30 All other countries / $10 discount per additional person in the session

Get a correct photo the first time and save yourself hassle. Don't let a simple thing like an incorrect picture cause you to waste time/money by getting rejected. We can properly follow the guidelines for any country and have successfully taken photos for over 20 different countries. We have never had a rejection due to quality or not meeting guidelines. We will print them for you on-site (up to 3 copies), provide files for online submission and also send you the digital at no additional fee.

Passport, ID or Visa images are pictures that are usually on a white or solid color background (per the country/organization requirements) with the subject facing directly forward and lit evenly. These pictures require no editing in regards to changing the way the subject appears. The pictures are formatted to meet the size and aspect requirements. In the final images we will also include your picture with a template showing that the size is correct.
Please call 317-522-0366 or email to setup an appointment. Often we can get you in the same day, we do take walk-ins but are usually out on jobs, especially during the week.

If you are applying by mail/online our photo should have no problem BUT If you are visiting an embassy or consulate, you may want to call ahead to see if they have onsite visa/passport photography. There have been cases where clients have been "encouraged" to use the onsite services even though the photo they brought along should have met the requirements. When you call, you can ask if you should bring a photo with you. If the consulate staff reply to bring a photo with you, then we would be happy to assist you. If the staff recommends getting it done onsite, your best bet is just to do it there.


Canada - requires printing and additional information from the photographer
$40 1st person for Canada - $30 each additional person in the same session
- We know the requirements and have done over a hundred with no issues
- Passport Picture Requirements / Permanent Residency Picture Requirements

All other countries (US, EU, etc), ID Pictures
$30 1st person - $20 each additional person in the same session

These type of sessions are pretty quick. We put the images directly onto a 50" monitor so that you can immediately see your image. This allows you to get an image that you like and meets the requirements. Most clients are in and out within 15-20 minutes (additional time required for multiple persons).

The process

  • Arrive at studio photo ready or you can use one of our makeup stations to prep yourself (we do not provide makeup)
  • Have a seat in front of the camera, the photographer will guide you into position to get a proper image
  • You can see the image right away on a 50" monitor located in the studio. The photographer will work with you to get an image you approve.
  • The image will be cropped, sized properly and then printed
    • If you require additional file sizes for online submission please let us know and bring along the requirements. A common one is 1200x1200 for US Visa.
    • We will place 2 or 3 images (depending on required final size) on a 4x6" sized digital file to print
    • The pictures on the 4x6" will have lines to properly cut out your photos to the proper size. This allows for the proper size no matter the country.
    • We can email you copies of your files so that you can have them to use and print as needed. No additonal charge for this.
Passport Sample Image
Equipment Layout

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my photos on a USB drive as well?
- Yes, it is free is you supply the drive. $10 additional if wes supply the USB drive. The drives we supply are usually16GB USB drives. Emailing the files to you is free.

The application requires a digital file, can you provide that?
- Yes, please provide the country or a link to the application so I can see the requirements. We understand pixel sizes, DPI and file sizes so we can produce the file you need to meet the requirements.

Are you sure you can make a photo for the country I am visiting?
- I haven't found one that was too difficult yet. The studio has all the necessary equipment to match any country's requirement. From a specific size to a certain background color. Give me a call and let me know the country. I will research the requirements and can design the template prior to your arrival if I do not have one on file.